PAC-MAN Scratchers 2nd Chance Promo Ended PAC-MAN Scratchers 2nd Chance Promo Ended

PAC-MAN® 2nd Chance Promotion

Congratulations, Winners!


Grand Prize Winner of $40,000:

Lidia Avila of West Covina

Arcade Game and Merchandise Prize Package Winners:

Jared Sanchez of Fullerton

Brian Branstetter of Lancaster

Miguel Meza of Calexico 

Andy Maya of Los Angeles

The four (4) winners of the Merchandise Prize Package ($5,000 value) can choose from either a classic-traditional stand-up PAC-MAN cabaret style arcade game or a PAC-MAN pixel bash cocktail arcade table game (comes with a PAC-MAN carpet and 2 stools) as shown below:

PAC-MAN Standup Arcade  PAC-MAN Cocktail Arcade


PAC-MAN is the retro arcade game you know and love – Level Up Your PAC-MAN game here:


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