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How 2nd Chance Works

Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to get 2nd Chance codes, how submissions become entries and what happens next.

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How it Works

Submit up to 500
2nd Chance Codes per Month

You can submit your Scratchers 2nd Chance, Fantasy 5 - 2nd Chance, and SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance codes up to a combined 500 times per calendar month!

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2nd Chance


Find 2nd Chance details, deadlines and dollar signs

Use the sort function to find a specific 2nd Chance draw and click on the Draw Name to find draw details. If you don’t see a Draw here, it may have been moved to Results & Winners due to the Draw being completed.

Scratchers 2nd Chance code submission deadlines are not published until that specific game has been designated to end sales by the Lottery. Look here for end-of-game information and keep submitting your eligible, non-winning Scratchers ticket codes!

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Draw Type Draw Name Value of Prizes Available Open for Code Submissions Code Submissions Deadline
Winners Posted By
Multi-Entry - Pool Scratchers 2nd Chance - 242 $100,000.00 8/18/2019 8/24/2019 9/3/2019
Pool Fantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 477 $42,000.00 8/18/2019 8/24/2019 8/30/2019
Pool SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 301 $75,000.00 8/18/2019 8/24/2019 8/30/2019
Multi-Entry - Pool Scratchers 2nd Chance - 243 $100,000.00 8/25/2019 8/31/2019 9/10/2019
Pool Fantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 478 $42,000.00 8/25/2019 8/31/2019 9/6/2019
Pool SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 302 $75,000.00 8/25/2019 8/31/2019 9/6/2019

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