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Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday after
draw entry closes at 7:45 p.m.

MEGA Millions

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$1.53 Billion is a Record High for MEGA Millions.

The MEGA Millions jackpot hit its record high in October, 2018.

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Mega Millions game


Answers to your MEGA Millions questions.

What is MEGA Millions?

MEGA Millions is a draw game available through 46 lotteries nationwide and known for its big jackpots. 

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Are the prize payouts the same in California as they are in other MEGA Millions states?

The jackpot prize for MEGA Millions is the same for all the states. However, in California all other prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning payouts are based on sales and the number of winners.

Where does the money from MEGA Millions go?

95 cents of every dollar spent by our players goes back to the community in the form of contributions to public schools and colleges, player prizes and retail compensation. See how Lottery funds gets to schools »
Are prizes taxable?

Prizes over $599 are subject to taxes and other offsets required by law. However, there are no California state/local taxes

Can a group of people share a MEGA Millions prize?

Yes, MEGA Millions prizes can be shared as long as the group consists of 100 winners or less.

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How long do I have to collect a MEGA Millions prize?

You have up to one year from the date of the draw to claim the jackpot prize. For all other MEGA Millions prizes, you have 180 days to claim your prize.

If I win the jackpot, what are my payout options? 

Jackpot prizes are paid in 30 annual payments. However, after you win the jackpot and your prize is validated by the Lottery, you will have 60 days to choose the cash value of the prize instead of 30 annual payments. For more information on jackpot payout, view the Winners Handbook.
What are the odds of winning a prize in MEGA Millions?

The overall odds of winning any prize in MEGA Millions is about 1 in 24 and the odds of winning the jackpot is about 1 in 303 million.

What happens to MEGA Millions payments if the winner dies before collecting? 

If a winner dies before receiving all annual payments, MEGA Millions will continue to pay the annual payments, as scheduled, to the winner's designated beneficiary or to the winner's estate.
What happens to a MEGA Millions jackpot prize if it is not claimed?

If a jackpot prize is not claimed within the required time limit, each of the participating states in the MEGA Millions game will get back all the money they contributed to that jackpot. Each state in the game uses unclaimed prizes for different purposes. In California unclaimed MEGA Millions jackpot prize funds are distributed to public education.