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Daily Derby

How to Play

Step 1: Find

Find a Daily Derby retailer close to home, work or your favorite coffee shop. With more than 23,000 California Lottery retail locations, a place to play is never too far away.

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Step 2: Pick

Pick your three favorite horses: one to finish first, one to finish second and one to finish third. Next, pick your Race Time, which is the time it takes for the first place horse to finish.

Or, play randomly generated horses and/or Race Times with Quick Pick®.

One playslip can hold up to three plays using your lucky horses and you may play as many playslips as you like.

Race Time

The Race Time will range from 1:40:00 to 1:49:99. That’s one minute and forty seconds to one minute and forty-nine point nine, nine seconds. All you have to do is select the last three numbers. If you choose 1:42:31 as your Race Time, you would only mark the last three digits 2:31 on your playslip.

Advanced Plays

You can play your horse and Race Time choices for 1-7 or 14 consecutive draws on one playslip by marking the Advance Play box.

Note: Make sure to mark your numbers with either blue or black ink. And if you make a mistake, don’t erase. Just mark the VOID box.

Step 3: Buy

Give your playslip to the store clerk along with $2 for each play to receive a Daily Derby ticket, which is your receipt.

Your ticket displays your horses, the Race Time, the draw date and dollar amount paid.

Always check the accuracy of your numbers and sign the back of your ticket.

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Step 4: Check

To see if you’ve won, find the winning horses and Race Time here on the website. Or, scan the barcode on your ticket at a Lottery retailer. You have two chances to win with every Daily Derby play.

The Daily Derby draws occur every day right after the draw entry closes at 6:30 p.m.

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Daily Derby Prize Categories and Odds

Win with horses, win with Race Time or hit the Trifecta and win the Grand Prize. With at least two chances to win with every ticket, a daily prize is possible with Daily Derby.

Category Match Odds
Grand Prize Trifecta & Race Time 1 in 1,320,000
Trifecta 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place 1 in 1,321
Exacta 1st & 2nd Place 1 in 147
Win 1st Place 1 in 13.2
Race Time Race Time Only 1 in 1,001