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Don't miss your last chance to enter the Holiday Scratchers 2nd Chance Promotion. You could win a $50,000 Grand Prize or be one of two winners of $5,000!  Submit your non-winning Holiday Scratchers tickets now through January 16, 2021 for more ways to win with 2nd Chance!


What non-winning Holiday Scratchers tickets are eligible for this promotion? 

$1 – Holiday Cheer: These festive snow globe-inspired tickets can also be used as handy gift tags. Write in your giftee’s name, and place that Scratchers ticket on their gift. Now it’s a gift on a gift, with a chance for a $1,000 upgrade!

$5 – Peppermint Payout: Drumroll please! It’s California Lottery’s first-ever scratch ’n sniff Scratchers! You’ll never wrap a scented candle again now that you can gift this fresh, fragrant, minty ticket with the chance to win a “mint” too… a $250K payday!

$10 – Merry & Bright: There are 20 chances to win $1,000,000 on this bright little merrymaker!

$20 – 2021 Scratchers: Here’s the perfect way to celebrate the New Year - 25 chances to win, four bonus spots, and a $5,000,000 prize payout to a lucky player! Gift one to someone lucky, and gift one to yourself!



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