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Report Scams and Suspicious Activity

PLAYERS: To report complaints against Lottery retailers, please contact Lottery Security & Law Enforcement toll-free at 800-LOTTERY (800-568-8379).

ALLIED LAW ENFORCEMENT: To communicate with the Lottery regarding criminal activity involving Lottery products, please call (916) 822-8282 M-F 8am-5pm PT. During non-business hours please call (916) 822-8000.

About Security & Law Enforcement

Security & Law Enforcement at the California Lottery is responsible for promoting and ensuring the integrity, security, honesty, and fairness of the operation and administration of the Lottery. This mission is accomplished with sworn investigators and non-sworn support staff.

Field Investigations

The Field Investigations Unit is responsible for criminal and administrative investigations involving Lottery products throughout the state. Most commonly, the investigations involve burglaries, robberies, and embezzlements when Lottery products are stolen from a Lottery retailer or player. Investigators also investigate when fraud is committed against our players and the public.

We have a complement of sworn state investigators (State Peace Officers) to conduct criminal investigations when Lottery-related crimes are committed against our retailers, players and public.

Special Investigations & Gaming Security Unit

The Special Investigations and Gaming Security (SIGS) Unit is responsible for examining the qualifications and criminal history of all prospective and current employees, as well as evaluating the competence, integrity, and character of potential Lottery contractors.

A Forensic Analysis and Testing Laboratory is operated to ensure only high quality and secure Lottery tickets are produced and distributed on behalf of the Lottery. Game tickets received by the Lottery that appear to have been forged or otherwise altered are analyzed in the laboratory and referred for administrative and/or criminal investigation to the Lottery’s field investigators located throughout the state.

SIGS employees consist of fully sworn peace officers and support staff and handle approximately 3,000 telephone calls-for-service a year. Retailers, their employees, players, and the public please use the toll-free 800-LOTTERY (800-568-8379) number to report any type of Lottery-related fraud. 

Player Resources

Security & Law Enforcement receives inquiries from players concerning lost Lottery tickets, fraud, theft, administrative complaints or reports of suspected criminal activity. Staff is extremely experienced and trained in all facets of the job to best serve each caller, depending on their concern. We take complaints seriously and investigate each substantiated allegation in depth. All appropriate methods and resources will be extended to every caller and player. Our databases include extensive institutional information, which assists with the preliminary investigation and is evaluated by experienced analysts. The investigative staff has many years of law enforcement experience and may be called upon to follow up on players’ concerns. If a player believes they have lost a Lottery ticket, been a victim of Lottery fraud, or has a complaint or concern, they should call toll-free 800-LOTTERY (800-568-8379) and press 6 then 2 to go to Security & Law Enforcement. Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Draw Management

The Lottery’s Draw Management Unit is a dedicated group of Lottery employees who work 365 days a year to ensure all online and 2nd Chance draws are conducted with the utmost integrity. The draw environment is strictly controlled and all draw-related activities are performed under video surveillance and witnessed by a member of an independent accounting firm who verifies draws are conducted according to written Lottery policy and per the Lottery Act. Players can be assured the many security features employed by the Lottery guarantee truly random results for every single draw. In fact, members of the public are welcome to drop by and attend any draw at Lottery Headquarters, which is located at 700 North 10th Street in Sacramento. Visit Draw Games Days and Times before you schedule your visit to be sure that you will be able to watch the particular draw you would like to see.

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Physical Security

The  Physical Security Unit has, since its inception, ensured all Lottery products, facilities, employees, vendors and visitors are secure through the management of a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, statewide comprehensive physical security system that includes surveillance cameras, access control, intrusion detection, fire systems monitoring, and visitor management. Uniformed security officers are posted at selected Lottery facilities throughout California to monitor these security systems. They also report unusual activity, patrol Lottery facilities, and serve as hosts to the general public.

Retailer Sanctions Unit

In support of the California Lottery Act, Government Code § 8880.38, Security & Law Enforcement  Retailer Sanctions Unit performs criminal history reviews on all backgrounds of prospective retailers, identifies criminal activity of current retailers, and takes appropriate action and/or proposes sanctions to ensure and maintain retailer compliance. Retailers are closely monitored to ensure they are abiding by the rules and regulations required by the Lottery. Additionally, the Retailer Sanctions Unit monitors appeal pleadings and probation inspection processes for retailers subjected to sanctions.

Retailer Compliance Program

The Retailer Compliance Program was developed to ensure Lottery retailers are being honest and fair with our players. Undercover investigators conduct compliance checks throughout the state, based on player or public complaints, internal “red flags,” or on a completely random basis. If it is determined that one of our retailers is not treating our players with the utmost fairness, they are sanctioned. Although the overwhelming majority of our retailers are fair and honest, the small percentage found to be committing fraud against our players are quickly terminated as contracted California Lottery retailers.

Underage Gaming Program

Security & Law Enforcement is responsible for preventing the sale of Lottery products to minors or persons under the age of 18, which is a violation of California Government Code § 8880.52.

We have been striving to obtain a 100% compliance rate from the more than 21,000 retailers across the state. To obtain this goal in a proactive manner, new and current retailers are trained through an in-depth orientation and training session, and are held to a strict contract agreement in order to adhere to Lottery rules and regulations and the California Government Code § 8880.52.

Security & Law Enforcement has also taken a proactive approach to obtaining this 100% compliance from our retailers by conducting regular underage minor compliance operations utilizing minors between the ages of 14-16 years of age. These minors are usually recruited through local police explorer programs. Undercover Lottery investigators accompany the minors and record all operations to ensure their safety.