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How to Avoid Lottery Scams

SCAM artists are getting even more creative in trying to rip you off. Several new tricks involve bogus claims that you have won a prize.

CA Lottery's Donna Cordova reveals the con and explains how to avoid falling victim.

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The security and integrity of our games are our very highest priorities!

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Consumer Protection & Security

Promoting and ensuring the integrity, security, honesty, and fairness of the operation and administration of the Lottery

Security & Law Enforcement

The Security/Law Enforcement Division is a professional law enforcement organization recognized by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) since January 1989. California Government Code section 8880.38 defines the responsibility of the Deputy Director of the Security/Law Enforcement Division and its role in the overall operation of the Lottery.


  • Promote and ensure integrity, security, honesty, and fairness of the operation and administration of the California State Lottery.
  • Protect the assets of the California State Lottery (both human and physical) while ensuring that the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness and fairness is delivered to our retailers and players.
  • Provide the highest level of law enforcement service to prevent and reduce crime committed against the Lottery.


Continuous development, enhancement, and adaptation of investigative methodology to significantly reduce the actual and attempted incidents of crime committed against the Lottery, its retailers and players through:

  1. Increasing the use of the very latest technology, science and prognostication research to address criminal matters.
  2. Maintaining a sufficient level of resources in all SLED units to keep up with the continued growth and expansion of the Lottery.
  3. Developing and applying in-depth analysis of criminal information to help prevent and solve Lottery-related crime.


  1. Protecting our most valuable asset: Our Lottery employees
    • Through effective and responsible Physical Security and Investigative Services, provide a safe and secure environment for employees and contractors at our Sacramento headquarters building, nine district offices and two warehouses.
    • Investigating Crimes Committed Against the Lottery
      • Preventing the redemption (cashing) of stolen tickets
      • Investigating claims involving altered, forged, counterfeit, or stolen tickets
      • Conducting law enforcement programs focused on: crime prevention, education, detection and arrest of offenders; and investigative partnerships with local law enforcement agencies to provide the highest level of service
      • Providing confirmation and validation of large prize winning claims
      • Investigating Crimes Committed Against Lottery Retailers
        • Robberies
        • Retail employee embezzlement
        • Burglaries
        • Thefts
        • Investigating Crimes/Administrative Violations Committed Against Lottery Players
          • Players reporting stolen tickets
          • Preventing and/or investigating the "discounting" of tickets
          • Preventing the sale or cashing of altered or fraudulent tickets
          • Promoting the California State Lottery's public image by
            • Actively promoting Corporate Social Responsibility programs and resources to prevent problem gambling.
            • Continuously conducting Underage Gaming and Retailer Compliance Programs
            • Providing responsive customer service via 1-800-Lottery line and "Report Fraud" link on the CSL website.