Monopoly Scratchers Games

Win Big. Win for Real.


Forget "play" money. We've got a new version of your favorite board game – with a chance to win REAL cash! Introducing the MONOPOLY Family of Scratchers® from the California Lottery. It's your chance to win up to $100,000! Match any of "your numbers" to any "winning numbers" and win that prize!

So GO directly to your local retailer and play the $5 MONOPOLY Scratchers® game. It offers 18 chances to win and a top prize of $100,000!

You could also collect up to $20,000 when you play the $2 MONOPOLY Scratchers® game! Scratch to reveal a "GO" symbol and win $100 instantly!

A $1,000 top prize could be yours when you play the $1 MONOPOLY Scratchers® game! If you find a "train" symbol, you automatically win DOUBLE that prize.

Can't wait to play? Well, finding your local retailer is easier than ever! Use our Retailer Search tool and enter an address, city or zip to find the Lottery retailer closest to you.