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This promotion has now ended.  Watch for winners to be posted by February 15!



Thank you for playing the 2nd Chance MONOPOLY Scratchers® Bonus Board Game!

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How to Play


Each non-winning California Lottery MONOPOLY Scratchers® ticket that you submit MAY earn you up to 25 entries for the 2nd Chance bonus drawing. For each prize point there is a range of multiple entries you MAY receive;

  • $1 MONOPOLY non-winning Scratchers Ticket = 1-5 entries
  • $2 MONOPOLY non-winning Scratchers Ticket = 2-10 entries
  • $5 MONOPOLY non-winning Scratchers Ticket = 5-25 entries

Play the MONOPOLY Bonus Board Game to reveal the number of drawing entries earned by each non-winning MONOPOLY ticket. You'll get one entry for every 1,000 MONOPOLY money points.

After submitting a non-winning MONOPOLY ticket, click the PLAY THE GAME button to start. Pick a game token by clicking on it. Then click the dice to roll. The game plays just like the classic MONOPOLY board game with these special features:

At the start of the game, you receive nine random MONOPOLY properties and six rolls. Complete a MONOPOLY for any set of properties to win the MONOPOLY money points for those properties.
Land on a property that you do not own, the property is added to your inventory and the space on the game board is marked "MINE". Land on a property that you already own, you get an extra roll.
Land on any of the four Railroads, you win a free trip around the board and you will randomly collect properties along the way.
Land directly on the GO space and you will play a special GO game! Pass GO on your travels around the MONOPOLY board and you'll pick up an extra roll.
Land on Electric Company or Water Works and roll the multiplier die to multiply your total game points.
If you land on Income Tax or Luxury Tax, you have to select a property from your Inventory to forfeit, or you might have an option of losing a roll.
The game ends when you have rolled your final roll of the dice. MONOPOLY money points from the game are converted into drawing entries (one drawing entry for every 1,000 MONOPOLY money points).


This MONOPOLY Bonus Board Game is only available when you are invited to play immediately after submitting a non-winning MONOPOLY ticket. If you do not play the game when invited to do so, you forfeit that opportunity to play. Your drawing entries will be awarded whether or not you play the Bonus Board Game. Within your account you will be able to see the number of entries you have acquired for the next Drawing.

You may bypass the Bonus Board Game if you do not wish to play by clicking the "SKIP THE GAME" button to learn the number of entries you will receive. The number of entries you receive for a non-winning MONOPOLY ticket is pre-determined for each non-winning MONOPOLY ticket, so you will earn the same number of entries into the bonus drawing whether or not you choose to play the Bonus Board Game. Only non-winning MONOPOLY tickets are eligible for entry into the Bonus Board Game. Each non-winning MONOPOLY ticket is eligible to be entered only once.

The Bonus Board Game requires the use of Adobe® Flash Player. It will not work on devices such as iPads or iPhones and is optimized for play on your personal computer. If you want to play the game and are not sure your PC has Flash installed, please use the link below to install the software: Get Adobe Flash player


Enter non-winning MONOPOLY Scratchers® tickets to play the 2nd Chance MONOPOLY Scratchers® Bonus Board Game for fun and to see how many extra entries you may have recieved for a chance to win the Top Prize of $10,000 in the bonus draw! There are also (2) $5,000 prizes and (10) $1,000 prizes up for grabs! Your drawing entries will be awarded whether or not you play the MONOPOLY Scratchers® Bonus Board Game. 

Click here to submit your non-winning California Lottery MONOPOLY Scratchers® ticket codes today and play the 2nd Chance MONOPOLY Scratchers® Bonus Board Game for fun and also see how many additional entries you received!


California Lottery Official Rules
MONOPOLY Scratchers ® 2nd Chance Promotion 2012

Promotion Period

The California Lottery (Lottery) is conducting a MONOPOLY Scratchers 2nd Chance promotion for registered 2nd Chance players which includes a bonus draw. The promotion begins on October 22, 2012 and continues through January 31, 2013.


There will be one drawing with a total prize pool of $30,000. There are 13 available prizes to be awarded.

  • One (1) at $10,000
  • Two (2) at $5,000
  • Ten (10) at $1,000

Winners for the bonus draw will be posted on within 15 days following the entry deadline.

How to Enter

Submit any non-winning MONOPOLY Scratchers® ticket at The Replay website will begin accepting submissions on October 22, 2012 and continuing through 11:59:59pm PST, January 31, 2013. Per the Lottery's submission limitation policy, effective October 1, 2012, submissions will be limited to no more than a combined 1000 submissions per calendar month for all 2nd Chance games.

All non-winning MONOPOLY Scratchers® tickets entered into the bonus drawing are also automatically entered into the regular Replay pool and End of Game Top Prize draws that apply to this game. However, each ticket counts as only one submission for purposes of the submission limitation policy. Entries will be displayed on the player's MY ENTRIES account page.

How to Win

All non-winning MONOPOLY Scratchers have a pre-assigned number of entries for the 2nd Chance bonus draw. Multiple entries awarded are for the bonus draw only and do not apply to the pool and End of Game Top Prize draws for that game. Upon submitting the code into Replay, the player will receive a notification announcing they can play the Bonus Board online game and may have receive additional entries into the bonus draw. The player will have the option to skip the game, but will still be awarded the same number of entries as if they did play the game.

For each prize point there is a range of multiple entries the player may receive.

  • $1 MONOPOLY Scratchers = 1-5 entries
  • $2 MONOPOLY Scratchers = 2-10 entries
  • $5 MONOPOLY Scratchers = 5-25 entries

The Lottery will randomly select winners from the eligible entries received for the drawing. Winners will receive an email notification using the contact information provided to the Lottery by the player. The notification will instruct players to log into their Lottery 2nd Chance account for "important information", where prize information and claiming guidelines and instructions will be provided. Winners do not need to provide a ticket to claim the prize. The non-winning ticket code the player submits online is used to validate the claim.

Prizes must be claimed within 180 days from the Winners Posted By Date of the draw. In the event a winner does not claim their prize within the claim period, they waive all rights to the prize.

Odds of winning this promotion vary based on the total number of entries that are received and the total number of entries each player submits.


Non-winning MONOPOLY Scratchers codes must be submitted online during the promotional period in order to be eligible for entry into the MONOPOLY 2nd Chance Promotion drawing. There will be one draw for this promotion period with five alternates drawn. The drawing will take place in accordance with Lottery Regulations and procedures.

Eligibility and Participation

Participation is open to persons 18 or older. Players must meet eligibility requirements at the time of the promotional drawing. This promotion is not open to certain Lottery vendors and persons prohibited from receiving prizes under the California State Lottery Act, including employees of the California Lottery, their agents, and any immediate family members residing in the same household.

Winners Announcement

A list of winners will be posted on the California Lottery website,, within 15 days after the Promotional Draw closes.

Additional Terms

Participants are responsible for complying with these official rules, in addition to state and federal law, and applicable Lottery regulations. Proof of age, eligibility, and identity must be furnished upon request. Participants agree to the use of their name and/or likeness for advertising and publicity purposes, without compensation. Winners must complete a claim form prior to receiving their prize, and are responsible for all applicable taxes. Prizes will be mailed to physical addresses. Retailer responsibilities and compensation are unaffected by this promotion. All prizes are nontransferable and may not be redeemed for other value. By participating in the promotion, and/or accepting any prize, a participant agrees to release and hold harmless the California Lottery and its commissioners, employees, agents, and officers from any claim, demand, judgment, award, and/or any liability of any kind whatsoever. The California Lottery reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time. These Official Rules supersede, to the extent of that there is any conflict, any applicable general rules or general advertising of the California Lottery.