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How 2nd Chance Works

Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to get 2nd Chance codes, how submissions become entries and what happens next.

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How it Works

Submit up to 1,000
2nd Chance Codes per Month

You can enter Scratchers 2nd Chance codes, Fantasy 5 - 2nd Chance codes, and SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance codes up to a combined 1,000 times per calendar month!

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2nd Chance


Find out who, what, when and how much for 2nd Chance draws

Use the sort function to view winners by 2nd Chance game program and date. Click on the Draw Name or number of Winners’ to see those details. Good luck!

Draw Type Draw Name Value of Prizes Awarded Winners Total Entries
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 9$75,000.0051242605
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 184$42,000.0015152098
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 8$75,000.0051275668
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 183$42,000.0015168959
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 7$75,000.0051226258
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 182$42,000.0015138506
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 6$75,000.0051096472
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 181$42,000.0015137104
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 5$75,000.0051402429
End of GameG733$1,000,000.0017491501
End of GameG761$100,000.0012194368
End of GameG765$100,000.0013361387
End of GameG776$75,000.0014533779
End of GameG773$20,000.0012548243
End of GameG777$20,000.0011577202
End of GameG778$20,000.0011644101
End of GameG837$1,000.0011070671
End of GameG838$20,000.001870998
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 180$42,000.0015138396
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 4$75,000.0051290624
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 179$42,000.0015146592
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 3$75,000.0051177287
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 178$42,000.0015172505
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 2$75,000.005958114

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