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How 2nd Chance Works

Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to get 2nd Chance codes, how submissions become entries and what happens next.

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How it Works

Submit up to 500
2nd Chance Codes per Month

You can submit your Scratchers 2nd Chance, Fantasy 5 - 2nd Chance, and SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance codes up to a combined 500 times per calendar month!

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2nd Chance


Find out who, what, when and how much for 2nd Chance draws

Use the sort function to view winners by 2nd Chance game program and date. Click on the Draw Name or number of Winners’ to see those details. Good luck!

Draw Type Draw Name Value of Prizes Awarded Winners Total Entries
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 31$75,000.0051076822
End of GameG849$15,000.001962273
End of GameG855$75,000.0012910675
End of GameG853$30,000.0011391250
End of GameG857$999.0011398148
End of GameG858$17,000.0011118445
End of GameG860$250,000.0011078782
End of GameSweet Holidays! (1101)$500.001888581
End of GameMerry Money (1102)$20,000.001712764
End of GameWinter Crossword (1103)$20,000.001760979
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 206$42,000.0015154057
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 30$75,000.0051093655
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 205$42,000.0015153586
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 29$75,000.0051236482
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 204$42,000.0015129663
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 28$75,000.0051363394
PromotionalCA Lucky Life Scratchers 2nd Chance Bonus Draw - 5$5,000.001497866
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 203$42,000.0015136280
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 27$75,000.0051564206
PromotionalCA Lucky Life Scratchers 2nd Chance Bonus Draw - 4$5,000.001495704
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 202$42,000.0015137924
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 26$75,000.0051526474
PromotionalCA Lucky Life Scratchers 2nd Chance Bonus Draw - 3$5,000.001491795
PoolFantasy 5 - 2nd Chance - 201$42,000.0015135889
PoolSuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance - 25$75,000.0051564749

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