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Improvements to Scratchers 2nd Chance are here for you! You'll have more chances to win with $100,000 in cash prizes awarded every week!  See what its all about!    

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Top Prizes Remaining

Last Updated: 5/29/2016

This page reflects the top prizes claimed and remaining for each Scratchers game.  Click the Game Name or See All to view all prizes remaining for that game.  Click Scratchers 2nd Chance to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win!


Ticket Price Game Number Game Name Top Prize Total # of Winners Prizes Claimed Prizes Available
$11164EA$Y CA$H$1,000906327See all »
$11188STRAIGHT 8S$888816219See all »
$11197YEAR OF THE MONKEY$80038308See all »
$11202SET FOR LIFE$600,000835See all »
$11206MATCH 3 TRIPLER$1,000995940See all »
$11213LUCKY SPOT$1,000601248See all »
$11217FIND THE 9’S$99963063See all »
$21181DOUBLE SHOT$20,000332013See all »
$21189LUCKY NUMBERS$20,00034268See all »
$21198LOVE TO WIN$20,000261214See all »
$21203SET FOR LIFE$1,200,000725See all »
$21207SUITS$20,000331617See all »
$212147 11 21$21,00030822See all »
$31177TRIPLING BONUS CROSSWORD$20,00035314See all »
$31185BINGO PLUS$20,00049454See all »
$31199LOTERIA$30,000472819See all »
$312085X CROSSWORD$20,00020128See all »
$31210QUICK WIN BINGO$20,000341519See all »
$31215TRIPLING BONUS CROSSWORD$20,00023320See all »
$51159HIT $500!$50029,29421,8227,472See all »
$51167EXTRA PLAY$150,00023185See all »
$51169IN THE MONEY$250,00015105See all »
$51174MONEY MONEY MULTIPLIER$100,0001082See all »
$51178CLASSIC POKER$75,00025214See all »
$51182CA GOLD RUSH$500,00015141See all »
$51190SUPERSTAR CROSSWORD$75,00021156See all »
$51201MEGA CROSSWORD$75,00023185See all »
$51204SET FOR LIFE$3,000,000642See all »
$51209WINNING 777$77,77717116See all »
$51211DOUBLE SIDED DOLLARS$150,00015213See all »
$51216POWER 5'S$555,55516412See all »
$51218POKER NIGHT$75,00019019See all »
$101170$1,000,000 JACKPOT!$1,000,000642See all »
$101187MYSTERY CROSSWORD$750,00030237See all »
$101196SILVER & GOLD$1,000,0001192See all »
$101205SET FOR LIFE$6,000,000734See all »
$101212LUCKY GEMS$1,000,000523See all »
$201160ULTIMATE RICHES$5,000,000651See all »
$201175DELUXE 7'S PLAYBOOK$1,000,0001073See all »
$201191MAX-A-MILLIONS$5,000,000422See all »
$201200EXTREME GREEN$5,000,000532See all »
$201219$5,000,000 PLATINUM PAYOUT$5,000,000404See all »
$301183CA LOTTERY® 30TH ANNIVERSARY$10,000,000431See all »