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Top Prizes Remaining

Last Updated: 9/2/2014

Winning tickets are still out there! This page reflects the instant-win top prize awarded and remaining for each Scratchers game. Click the Game Name or See All to view all prizes remaining for that game. One (1) top prize is reserved and awarded for every game in 2nd Chance End of Game draws. This ADDITIONAL top prize is not listed below. Click 2nd Chance to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win!
Ticket Price Game Number Game Name Top Prize Total # of Winners Prizes Claimed Prizes Available
$11109ELECTRIC 8'S$888988513See all »
$11120CA LUCKY LIFE$650,0001257See all »
$11124PIGGY BANK$500705119See all »
$11134FAST $50'S$5061,0625,45755,605See all »
$21110MONEY ROLL$20,000412912See all »
$21113ROCK STAR 7'S$17,000422715See all »
$21116SPICY CASH$15,00023176See all »
$21121CA LUCKY LIFE$1,300,000633See all »
$21127WHEEL OF FORTUNE®$20,000211011See all »
$2113024 KARAT CASH$20,00030624See all »
$3836TRIPLING CROSSWORD$20,00030282See all »
$31107TRIPLING CROSSWORD$20,00022193See all »
$31114BINGO TWIST TRIPLER$20,00038353See all »
$31117LUCKY STARS$30,000331914See all »
$311255X CROSSWORD$20,00018513See all »
$31131TRIPLING CROSSWORD$20,00018117See all »
$5863BIG 6 BINGO$75,00019163See all »
$5110820X THE MONEY$200,00022202See all »
$51111MEGA CROSSWORD$75,00020191See all »
$51115HIGH ROLLER POKER $75,00017134See all »
$51118$500 FRENZY$50026,25020,4465,804See all »
$51122CA LUCKY LIFE$3,250,000615See all »
$51126TRIPLE 777$77,7771899See all »
$51128WHEEL OF FORTUNE®$100,00017611See all »
$51132BINGO 10X $75,00016016See all »
$51135FANTASTIC 5'S$150,00012012See all »
$51137MEGA CROSSWORD$75,00020119See all »
$101112CA BLACK EXCLUSIVE$1,000,00024915See all »
$101119BONUS CROSSWORD$750,00017116See all »
$101123CA LUCKY LIFE$6,500,000505See all »
$101129WHEEL OF FORTUNE®$1,000,000817See all »
$101136CALIFORNIA MILLIONAIRES CLUB$1,000,000909See all »
$201100$5 MILLION JACKPOT$5,000,0001495See all »
$201133MILLION $$ MATCH$5,000,000413See all »