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September 10, 2001

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September, 2001 | Winners Stories | Southern California

Lucky Jackpot Winner and Wife Win Again & Again & Again…


SACRAMENTO, September 10, 2001 -- After checking past winner records, Lottery officials found that Moshe Bar and his wife Zvia, who claimed $29.3 million earlier Monday in Van Nuys, have won at least a dozen prizes playing Lotto over the past sixteen years. Moshe Bar won (1)$3,804 on 12/16/1986 at retailer Centerfold News; (2) $3,011 on 02/15/1989 at Honest Max Bargains; (3)$1,194 on 04/19/1989 at Honest Max Bargains; (4) $3,911 at Vendome Liqours; (5) $101 on 07/06/1991 at 7-Eleven; (6) $2,318 on 01/18/1997 at Le Chateau Wine Spirits;(7) $4,293 on 01/09/1988 at 7-Eleven;Zvia won (8) $3,079 on 04/14/1990 at Centerfold News ;(9) $1,526 on 06/16/1992 at Honest Max Bargains;(10) $1,900 on 11/24/1999 at Al-Sal Oil Co Inc--a total of ten separate wins and prizes totaling $27,137.

On Monday, September 10, 2001, Bar claimed one of three winning tickets for last week's $88 Million Super Lotto Plus jackpot in Van Nuys. Bar who plays the lottery weekly also won 4 plus the MEGA number on a separate ticket winning an additional $1,754--bringing the number of wins between he and his wife, Zvia to 12. Bar plans to use his winning portion of the $88 million jackpot or $29.3 million to fund his grandchildren's education and share with his other family members. The general contractor opted for the cash option at a value of $14.9 million before federal tax withholding of 27.5%. The estimated cash value of an $88 million jackpot equals roughly half of the jackpot or $44 million or the amount the lottery would invest to pay out the jackpot prize over 26 years.

The California Lottery reports a banner year for the past fiscal year with more than $2.8 billion in sales and over $1.1 billion for public education. This is the highest contribution to education in the history of the Lottery. More than $50 million will go to public education from sales attributed to this jackpot. The three retailers who sold the winning tickets for the $88 million will receive 1/2 of 1% of the jackpot as a bonus for selling the winning ticket. A single winning ticket would yield $146,500 for the retailer. Retailers were J Market, 8252 W 3rd Street in Los Angeles; Impulse Card & Gifts, 1055 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles; and Lee's Chevron Service, 390 n Lemon Avenue, Walnut.
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