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February 5, 2005

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February, 2005 | Winners Stories

Contestants Win a Total of $165,500 on “The Big Spin®” Show


Thomas LuzenskiThe first player at the “Fantasy 5 Dream Machine” was Thomas “Tom” Luzenski, a retiree from San Jose, who was ecstatic to win $65,000. Luzenski, who buys his tickets at Century Gift Gate in San Jose, said, “I’m going to go on vacation to Australia with my winnings.” Finishing the “Fantasy 5 Dream Machine” lucky streak was Willie Ellis, a refinery worker from Cerritos. Ellis, who won $25,000, bought his ticket at Artesia Liquor in Cerritos, and plans to invest his winnings towards his retirement.

From the “Aces High” round, Jose Mejia, a cook from Crestline, won the right to spin “The Big Spin” wheel. Mejia bought his Big Spin Scratchers® ticket at Pat’s General Store in Blue Jay and uncovered TV Show -TV Show -TV Show and went directly to “The Big Spin” show and spun the wheel for $50,000. “I’m going to use this money towards a down payment on a home,” said Willie Ellis Mejia.

Wrapping This week “The Big Spin®” show continued the new and exciting promotional game called “Cash Match,” where contestants have a chance to win a minimum cash prize of $1,000 to a maximum of $25,000. The second duo of contestants on the “Cash Match” game was Jerry Karman, a manager from Lake Elsinore who won $1,000. The other contestant was Ernie Taylor, a retiree from Atascadero who was pleased to go home with $2,000. The game’s grand finale will be after six different “Cash Match” games are played and the player with the highest number wins the $25,000 jackpot.

Name City Amount
Thomas Luzenski San Jose $65,000
Jose Mejia Crestline $50,000
Willie Ellis Cerritos $25,000
Other Aces High Contestants   $22,500
Ernie Taylor Atascadero $2,000
Jerry Karman Lake Elsinore $1,000
  TOTAL $165,500


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