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September 8, 2003

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September, 2003 | Lottery Performance

California Lottery SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot Rises to $57 Million


SACRAMENTO, September 8, 2003 – Lottery officials announced the SuperLotto Plus jackpot for Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at $57 million. Players must match 5 of the 47 numbers drawn and one MEGA number from 27 numbers drawn in order to join the ranks of the California Lottery’s SuperLotto Plus multi-million dollar winners. “The SuperLotto Plus jackpot has risen to $57 million making this jackpot the highest in the nation today, bigger than the multi-state games” said Lottery Director Anthony Molica. “Since 34% of total sales go to our beneficiary, an additional $28 million will benefit the state’s public schools.

A single jackpot winner of $57 million would receive 26 annual payments with the first payment equaling approximately $1.4 million and the 26th payment being approximately $2.9 million before federal withholding. No state taxes are deducted. The estimated cash value would equal roughly half of the jackpot, $28.5 million or the amount the lottery would invest to payout the jackpot prize over 26 years. In the event of the death of a winner, the full prize is paid to the estate of the winner. A retailer who sells this winning ticket will receive a commission of one half of one percent of the prize or $285,000.

The largest California jackpot ever was $193 million on February 16, 2002, split by three winning tickets bought in Half Moon Bay, Montebello and Orange. On June 23, 2001, Alcario Castellano, of San Jose, California, became the largest individual prizewinner in California Lottery history by winning the second largest jackpot, $141 million. Union Valley Liquor sold the largest individual prize and earned the largest retailer bonus in the Lottery’s history -- $705,000.

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