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November 19, 2013

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November, 2013 | Winners Stories | Southern California

San Clemente Man Claims $250,000 ‘Out of the Blue!’


andrew phillips 440

Latest Scratchers® Winner Needs Mail Carrier’s Hustle to Help Cash in His Fortune
SACRAMENTO – It’s been almost a month since Andrew Phillips bought his Win It All Scratchers ticket and discovered he’d pocketed a quarter of a million dollars. The problem was he doesn’t drive – so he didn’t have a driver license – or any identification for that matter, which he was required to have to claim his big prize with the Lottery. Consequently, he had to scramble and quickly apply for a $27 California identification card! “I’m not going to lie. The time seemed forever that I was waiting there (for it to arrive),” recalled the 23-year old.

Why Phillips never bothered to learn to drive (he’s in the process right now) is a tale for another day. This story is about how Phillips admits for the better part of a week he sat on his front porch waiting for the mail carrier to rush him a very special envelope from the DMV. “He kept on telling me, ‘there’s no I.D. in here today Andrew – I’ll make sure you know when it’s here!’” Phillips laughed. “My little sister said, ‘You should go out and do something, the time will go by faster.’ “But I just stayed home and waited and waited!”

Well, all of that waiting paid off – literally – in the form of a $250,000 check. Phillips purchased his lucky $5 Win It All Scratchers ticket on October 22 at Cher’s Chevron, which is located at 14240 E. Firestone Boulevard in La Mirada (Los Angeles County). Phillips said at first he thought he’d “only” won $2,500, because he didn’t immediately notice the two extra zeroes on his ticket. “I asked people around me (inside the store), ‘is that the right number, is that the right number?!’” the San Clemente man remembered. “I was so excited it was.”

Phillips plans to do what any 23-year old American male would do with a quarter of a million dollars – he’s going to buy a $68,000 (50,000 EUR) house in Austria. Okay – Phillips admits it does sound strange, but claims he has friends there who tripled their investment also buying a house. So he’s in! “It’s a beautiful land over there and the home’s really nice.” Looks like he’ll even have money left over to buy a big warm coat for the trip over the Atlantic, which he plans to take in a few months to close the deal.

Win It All is one of a dozen different $5 Scratchers games currently available at participating retail locations. The game is part of the Lottery’s continued effort to give out more prizes, create more winners and earn more money for education.

For more information about Win It All, click here. Like all Lottery Scratchers games, Win It All comes with second chances to win top prizes. Just subscribe to our 2nd Chance Program and submit any non-winning Win It All Scratchers ticket code for a chance to win.

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