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May 9, 2005

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May, 2005 | Lottery Performance

California Lottery Corrects Problem in its Daily Derby Game; Special Bonus Promotion to be Held May 18 – June 1


SACRAMENTO – The California Lottery has corrected a draw machine programming problem an observant individual found in its Daily Derby horse-racing game, and will hold a special bonus promotion, “Daily Derby Bonus”, for players of the game from May 18th through June 1st.

The game, which is the Lottery’s smallest, with one-half of one percent of all Lottery sales, is correctly designed to prevent the same horse from finishing in more than one position by the end of the race. The programming error, however, was incorrectly preventing the time of the race from containing the same digit more than once. For example, a winning race time could be 1:23, but not 1:22.

As soon as the California Lottery was advised of the error, the complaint was investigated immediately. The programming error was found and corrected. No other games of the California Lottery were ever affected, and an investigation has found that no comparable software issues exist in any of the Lottery’s other games.

“Nothing is more important to the California Lottery than the integrity of our games and we are grateful to have had this problem called to our attention so we could quickly find and correct it,” said Chon Gutierrez, Acting Director of the California Lottery. “We regret that there was an error at all, and we have determined that no other California Lottery game has any problems.”

The “Daily Derby Bonus” promotion will involve adding money to the Daily Derby Grand Prize fund beginning with the Wednesday, May 18, 2005, draw. Additional prize money will also be added to the Race Time prize pool for two weeks, through June 1st. Players can expect the Daily Derby Grand Prize for May 18th to be as high as $300,000. During the promotional period, the Lottery expects winners of the Race Time prize to win about three times the pari-mutuel payout for that draw.

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