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Press release

July 14, 2001

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July, 2001 | Supporting Education | Southern California

Senator Richard Alarcon Presents Exceptional Educator Award on "The Big Spin" Show


SACRAMENTO -- California Lottery's "The Big Spin®" show airs Saturday, July 14, 2001, in twelve television markets statewide. Contestants on this week's show won a total of $322,500.

State Senator Richard Alarcon presented the California Lottery's Exceptional Educator Award to Marcos Torres, a teacher from San Fernando High School. Mr. Torres formed an educational technology team at the high school to make an impact on the digital divide. The $2 million computer program was spearheaded by Torres who not only used the lab to help students but used the computer lab to teach parents as well as students in Spanish on weekends. "Mr. Torres ensured that no one is left behind in the computer revolution," said Senator Alarcon. "Mr. Torres used the students to help make phone calls, write letters and contact companies and help teachers. I am proud to present him with this Exceptional Educators Awards."

California Gold's top winner Manuel Ramirez of Caruthers won $40,000 as he was cheered on by friends and family. California Gold is another way to get to the wheel on "The Big Spin"show. The game starts with 10 contestants whose Big Spin Scratchers® tickets each revealed three "TV SHOW" symbols on one ticket. When instructed, each player pushes down a "detonator" to reveal a prize ranging from $1,750 to $4,000. Two of those contestants will reveal gold nuggets and advance to the second round of play. Once there, they compete to see who can get the closest to 10 units of "gold nuggets" in their mining car without going over.

Fantasy 5 contestant William Berry of Harbor City won $95,000. "I'm going to invest in a vacation resort." Berry was the Dream Machine player who released balls into the "pachinko style" game to total $95,000. Another Fantasy 5 Dream Machine contestant Frank Galli of Tulare who said, "I can't wait to get started on this Galli. "I'm going to remodel my home."

Galli won $80,000. A third Fantasy 5 Dream Machine contestant, Robert Strong of Ontario, who has been married 60 years said, "I'm going to use this money to have a good time" after he won $85,000.

The California Lottery sells its products through a network of more than 18,000 outlets statewide. Lottery sales ending this fiscal year will total more than $2.87 billion with more than $1.055 billion to be distributed to California's schools. This is the highest contribution to California's public schools in the Lottery's 16 year history.

Manuel Ramirez Caruthers $40,000
William Berry Harbor City $95,000
Frank Galli Tulare $80,000
Robert Strong Ontario $85,000
Other California Gold Winners   $22,500
  TOTAL $322,500

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