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Press release

August 3, 1999

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SACRAMENTO -- The latest Weekly Grand winner was announced on the "Big Spin® 2000" show last Saturday night. This grand prize winner will receive $1,000 a week for the next 20 years, which equals $1,040,000 (before taxes).

The name that was announced, Judy Hamner, may have sounded familiar to some. This is because her husband, Tom Hamner, was also on the show last December when he played the Fantasy 5 Dream Machine and won $115,000.

The Hamners weren't even home when it was announced that they were California's newest million-dollar family, they were celebrating a birthday with some close friends at dinner. "Our friend's cellular phone rang, he answered it and then handed it to my husband. My husband turned to me, told me I'd better sit down and asked me what it felt like to be a millionaire. Needless to say, we had a wonderful dinner that night," explained Hamner.

Weekly Grand is a $2 Scratchers® game where you match any of "YOUR NUMBERS" to "WINNING NUMBER" to win the corresponding prize. Mrs. Hamner's winning prize was an "ENTRY" which made her eligible for the Grand Prize drawing, conducted on the "Big Spin 2000" show about once a month.
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