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Press release

September 11, 2003

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September, 2003 | Winners Stories | Northern California

Lightning Strikes Again, and Again and Again For Bay Area’s Kavanagh Liquors


SACRAMENTO, September 11, 2003 – The California Lottery’s $57 million jackpot was split by two winning tickets drawn Wednesday, September 10, 2003 with the winning numbers 34, 43, 27, 20, 7 and MEGA 6. The winning tickets were sold at Seacliff Plaza Store, 219 State Park Drive, in Aptos and at Kavanagh Liquors, 500 Via Mercado, in San Lorenzo. Each ticket is valued at $28.5 million and the winners have not yet claimed their prizes.

Kavanagh Liquors’ lucky streak continues with the fourth winning jackpot ticket sold at this location. This retailer ties for third place as one of the luckiest retailers in the California Lottery’s network of more than 18,000 retailers. Kavanagh Liquors combined sales of both Scratchers and online are $6.8 million over the past five years. Past winners at Kavanagh Liquors were Balbina Parrella who split $12 million with Arturo Taguines on January 24, 1998; Josette Denton who won $3.8 million on January 7, 1989; Joaquin Santos who won $1.8 million on January 29, 2000.

Seacliff Plaza Store, another east bay area location, sold its first jackpot winning ticket. This retailer’s combined sales are $1,043,644 over the past five years. The new lucky winner from Seacliff Plaza Store will claim $28.5 million. A winner who chose the cash option would claim roughly half or approximately $14 million. A winner choosing the annual payments would receive $712,500 (before federal withholding of 25%) on the first year and $1.45 million for the final payment on the 26th year. There are no state taxes on lottery winnings.

Kavanagh Liquors and Seacliff Plaza Store will each receive $142,500 as a bonus for selling the winning jackpot tickets. This represents one half of one percent of the winning jackpot ticket. The California Lottery’s products are sold over a retail network of more than 18,000 retail locations statewide. Since 1985 the California Lottery has contributed more than $14 billion to public education.

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