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December 19, 2012

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Find Out How Much Money Your School Received in Supplemental Funding During FY 2011-12

SACRAMENTO – The California Lottery just released to the public its annual Contributions to Education Report for the Fiscal Year 2011-2012. Recognized as one of the fastest growing lotteries in the United States, the California Lottery saw its sales rise by more than 27 percent in Fiscal Year 2011-2012. In all, the Lottery had one of its best years on record, seeing sales of $4.37 billion, an increase of nearly $900 million from last year. As a result, the Lottery once again generated over $1 billion for public education in FY 2011-2012, making it the 12th consecutive year that over $1 billion has been transferred to education for supplemental funding.

The Lottery’s mission is to provide supplemental funding to California public education on all levels from kindergarten through higher education, plus several specialized schools. Since 1985, the Lottery has kept that promise by providing $25 billion in Lottery funds in what it calls “enhancement, not replacement dollars” to public education. In Fiscal Year 2011-2012 alone, the Lottery returned $1.32 billion to California schools. Once that annual contribution is divided up to all K-12, Community Colleges, UC, CSU and other specialized schools, the final sum to each school becomes more modest, however, many school officials say they rely on their annual Lottery funds for important educational purposes that enrich students’ educational experience. Below is a sample list of selected counties throughout California with the amount of supplemental funding they received from the Lottery in FY 2011-2012:

Los Angeles             $330,285,048
Orange                      $106,529,112
San Diego                $101,027,401
Riverside                  $76,463,131
San Bernardino       $75,006,832
Santa Clara              $57,483,890
Sacramento             $48,594,663
Alameda                   $45,594,557
Fresno                      $37,421,487
Contra Costa           $33,509,031

Click here to view the entire Contribution to Education Report, or use our search tool and see how much your school or school district received.

The mission of the California Lottery is to provide supplemental funding to California schools while simultaneously supporting local communities. More than 94 cents of every dollar spent by our players goes back to local communities in the form of contributions to public schools and colleges, prizes and retail compensation. The California Lottery urges its customers to play responsibly and within their budgets. If you feel you have a gambling problem, or know someone who does, you can get help at 1-800-GAMBLER.

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