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January 7, 2005

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SACRAMENTO, January 7, 2005 – The SuperLotto Plus® jackpot is $68 million – have you ever wondered how you would spend this money if you won? For many lucky Californians this question was easy to answer and it included sharing their good fortune with others.

There have been many California Lottery winners who have demonstrated their generosity and good will to others through sharing of their time, effort, and financial support. One of those winners is Kevin, a Summerland winner who won $63 million and gave $4 million to his friends and family for helping him during his times of hardship. Included in this generosity was a friend and restaurant owner who used to prepare meals for Kevin on a daily basis. Besides the generosity directed at friends and family, he donates to many charitable organizations, including: Visiting Nurses, which provides care and support for people in their homes; New Leaf, a San Francisco nonprofit multi-purpose counseling center; and Sarah House, which provides low-income housing for disabled persons with HIV & AIDS.

Many Lottery winners use their good fortunes to fund a first class education for their family members; others donate scholarships through their own foundations or through the Adopt a School Program. Andy, the winner of a $5.2 million jackpot, uses his winnings to support an annual scholarship golf tournament that raises funds for college bound graduates of the Glen Alta Elementary School. Another generous Bay Area winner, Robert, who won $9.9 million, gave $1 million to the University of Berkeley in the name of his past math professor, Shiing-Shen Chern, a professor who is recognized as one of the greatest geometers of his generation.

In addition to educational causes, many winners contribute to civic charities, including Pamela, who won $88 million. She reported a substantial amount was given to churches in support of their activities that bring good health and happiness to families. Saddened by the recent world events in Indonesia, this winner will donate a portion of her prize money to the tsunami victims and to Doctors Without Borders.

Also demonstrating her big heartedness was Diane, a winner of a $33 million jackpot, who stated, ”It’s a dream come true, I’m so grateful that I can afford to buy some luxuries for myself; but, it’s also beautiful knowing that I have made a positive difference in helping those in need.”

Recent winners from Riverside County Steve and Debi, who won $27 million, plan to use their Garden of Angels Foundation to award scholarships in the name of babies that are part of the Garden of Angels. The couple met through their philanthropic activities in the community, when he was taking part in a Harley Ride in support of the Garden of Angels. The pair married and four months later won the Lottery. “We feel blessed to have won this and plan to use the money very wisely to help the community. It is a responsibility we take very seriously,” said Steve.

It has been said that money can’t buy happiness, and while that may be true, knowing that you have contributed to a charitable cause for the good of others is a wonderful feeling that warms a person’s heart, as evidenced by the personal stories of these California Lottery winners.

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