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April 3, 2001

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California Lottery Revs-up With Harley-Davidson© Sportster© Prizes


SACRAMENTO, April 3, 2001 -- Roar into town on a new Harley-Davidson© Sportster© 1200 motorcycle. Feel the freedom of riding with the wind and cruising the California coast on your brand new Harley-Davidson Sportster bike. "The California Lottery's unique opportunity with Harley-Davidson is bound to generate a lot of excitement," said Lottery Director, Joan Wilson. "Californians have a chance to win an all-American icon, a Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle, by playing the latest Harley-Davidson Scratchers game." An animated version of the Harley-Davidson Scratchers is available to play for fun on the Lottery's web site at

The Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 is the bike of choice for first-time Harley owners and now Californians have a chance at winning that motorcycle by scratching the new Lottery Scratchers game and matching any of "YOUR NUMBERS" to either "HARLEY NUMBER". If the prize shown is a motorcycle symbol, the player wins a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 instantly. Eight motorcycles will be won instantly by uncovering the motorcycle symbol. Players who uncover a money bag symbol can double their prize and win up to $25,000. Players with winning motorcycle tickets or cash prizes over $599 must pick-up a Winner Claim Form from a local retailer or go to a local Lottery District Office.

Players will also get a second-chance at winning a motorcycle or some items of official Harley-Davidson gear. If any of "YOUR NUMBERS" match the "HARLEY NUMBERS" and the prize won is "ENTRY", players can enter one of four drawings for a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 custom motorcycle or official Harley-Davidson gear. Contestants for the second chance drawing must mail their winning tickets with a claim form to California Lottery, P.O. Box 942130, Sacramento, California, CA 94207-2130.

Second chance players can win a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom motorcycle, a leather jacket or a Harley-Davidson package that includes a hub cap duffel bag, blanket, T-shirt and a leather baseball cap. Winners of motorcycles won in the drawings will be announced on "The Big Spin" Show and will be contacted via certified mail with information describing how to claim their prize. Winners of Harley-Davidson gear will also be notified in writing.

Drawing prizes will be managed by MDI and all motorcycle and gear prize questions should be directed to them at 1-800-201-0108. Entries will be valid for one drawing only.

Entries must be received by: Motorcycle winners will
be announced by:
April 20, 2001 April 28,2001
May 11, 2001 May 19, 2001
June 8, 2001 June 16, 2001
July 27, 2001 August 4, 2001

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