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October 1, 2003

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October, 2003 | Supporting Education

California Schools Receive $200 Million in Lottery Funds


Sacramento, October 1, 2003 - State Controller Steve Westly today issued quarterly payments totaling $201.7 million in Lottery revenues to school districts and other agencies.

"The Lottery program is paying off for California schools right when they need the money the most," Westly said.

During Fiscal Year 2002-2003, revenues from the Lottery totaled more than $1 billion, generating $124 per pupil for the more than 8 million students in California's public schools. These funds were in addition to the $6,624 per pupil, or $56 billion provided by California's general fund. "The Lottery is very proud to have exceeded the public's mandate of providing $1 billion in supplemental funds for education, three years in a row," said Tony Molica, Chief Executive Officer for the California Lottery.

Lottery funds account for approximately 2 percent of all education funding, providing school districts the flexibility to keep valuable programs and services for students. "Over the past 14 years, our district received millions of dollars in Lottery funds, which helped pay for teachers' salaries, instructional equipment, technology, textbooks, musical instruments, reading materials, and fine arts programs to students at all levels K-12. Lottery funds have made a tremendous difference in the quality of the educational experience for our students," said Sandra Lee Lemmons, Associate Superintendent, Modesto City Schools.

Payments to K-12 schools and community colleges are made to each County Treasurer, who distributes money to school districts. Funds for the University of California and Hastings College of Law are sent directly to those institutions. The funds for State departments are deposited directly into their accounts. Payments from the fund are made quarterly based on Lottery income and unclaimed on-line prizes.

Under Proposition 20, passed by the voters in March 2000, a certain percentage of these funds must be used directly to purchase instructional materials. That amount is broken out in the chart below.

Lottery Funds Directed to Education Quarter Ending June 30, 2003

  Non Prop-20 Prop 20
K-12 $88,334,586 $80,389,241
Community Colleges 15,616,187 14,325,829
California State University 4,310,655  
University of California 2,524,626  
Hastings College of the Law 17,357  
Dept. of Youth Authority 58,121  
Dept. of Education - State Special Schools 14,101  
Dept. of Developmental Services 227,402  
Dept. of Mental Health 181,870  
Total $111,284,905 $94,715,070

Detailed quarterly payment date for fiscal year 2002-03 and annual summary data since fiscal year 1985-86 are available on the State Controller's web site at and go to the California Lottery's website to see how much Lottery funds were contributed to your local school districts.

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