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Press release

December 23, 2002

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December, 2002 | Winners Stories | Northern California



SACRAMENTO -- The newest millionaires came forward today to claim their $50 million jackpot prize from Saturday night's SuperLotto Plus draw.

Brian and Terri Brown, of Middletown, were astonished that they had actually won. "We just couldn't believe it, it still hasn't sunk in," explained Brian Brown, after claiming his prize. "When he woke me up to show me the ticket, I thought he was kidding with me, I told him it was too early to joke like that," said Terri Brown.

Once they both checked the numbers on the Lottery's website, she knew he wasn't joking and they got in their car and drove to Sacramento to make it official. "As soon as they ran the ticket and we knew it was real, I called Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and quit my job. I loved my job, it was a great place to work with great people and I will miss it," clarified Terri Brown. Brian Brown wasn't so sure about his future work plans, "I may continue to work but I may just scale it back a bit. I also like where I work and my co-workers are my friends so I love my job."

The Browns took the cash option, which equaled more than $27 million before taxes. After taxes, they will receive a check for around $20 million. What do they plan on doing with that much money? "Living 6 months a year in Napa and 6 months a year in Maui sounds good," concluded Brian Brown.

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