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October 12, 2012

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October, 2012 | Winners Stories | Southern California

15 Co-Workers Claim $7 Million SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot


SACRAMENTO – A group of 15 co-workers – dubbed “The California Dreamers” – has come forward to claim a $7 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot. The group purchased their winning ticket in Montrose (Los Angeles County) for last Saturday night’s draw. They have declined to state what industry they are in.

The captain of the group is Kathleen Wittick. She collects the money and purchases the tickets for the group, and was the first to find out they had won the multi-million dollar prize. “I went to buy tickets for the next week, but I also checked the last ones I bought,” she explained. “When I found out we won, I put the ticket back in my purse, finished shopping and went home.” Once home, she realized the little piece of paper she so casually put back in her purse was a life-changer for many in the group, so she signed the back and put it where any logical-thinking person would put an important piece of paper – in the freezer! “I don’t know why I put it there,” she giggled. “Then I called a few members of the group and told them we had won.” Everyone else had to wait to find out Monday at work when Wittick sent a cryptic note to the others in the group. Said Wittick, “It said something like, ‘This is for your eyes only, we won the Lottery and this is not a joke.’”

Members of the group include Wittick, Mirta Muscarolas, Carrie Morita, Britt Legaspi, Keli Gaines, David Franke, Laurel Hitchcock, Sylvia Florio, Anita Yousoofian-Adams, Cecelia Allen, Brian Dumler, Lucia Herman, Grace Colombo, Donna Sanchez and Amy Trilling-Pachman.

The group, who has worked together for many years, has also been playing the Lottery together for many years. “Some of us have been playing together for 14 years or so, but we’ve only been playing these numbers for two years,” Wittick explained. “Members of the Lottery group come and go. We each get to pick one line of numbers and then we get Quick Picks too, but these numbers were ones we picked, we just can’t remember who picked them.”

The winning ticket was sold at Verdugo Liquor, which is located at 2143 Verdugo Boulevard in Montrose. It matched all six numbers: 12, 13, 8, 36, 29 and the Mega number 10. Verdugo Liquor will receive a bonus of one half percent, or $35,000, for selling the winning ticket.

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