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April 16, 2014

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April, 2014 | Winners Stories | Southern California

Horses and Dogs and Cats, Oh My! – Animals to Benefit From $1.1 Million Powerball® Win in Hesperia!


judith maturo 440

SACRAMENTO – Judith Maturo may not be able to talk to animals. However, now she has the Power(ball) to do something those furry creatures will likely appreciate just as much as if she could communicate like Doctor Dolittle!

The self-proclaimed animal lover says she plans to donate some of the $1,120,480 Powerball money she just won to her favorite animal charities in the Mojave Desert region where she lives. “I love animals! I have lots of horses, dogs and cats. I’m just in a fog. We’re finally just getting it straight that it really, really happened,” the 72-year-old San Bernardino County woman admitted.

Who can blame her for being stunned? Last week she and her significant other George Kosek each purchased a Powerball ticket for the $94 million jackpot draw on April 12. They woke up to discover her lucky ticket had matched five of the six winning numbers (14-26-45-54-55, missing only the Powerball number 20). Just like that – out of nowhere – they were millionaires!

Judith says they have been following the same routine for six and a half years since they’ve been together. They each buy their tickets and then every Sunday morning, George goes out and gets the paper and looks up the winning numbers. “He started with, ‘oh we got one number, oh we got two numbers, oh my God we got three, oh we got FIVE numbers!’” Judith recalled with a laugh. “By that time he’s screaming and I’m saying, ‘Oh, quit joking around!’”  Well, it was no joke this time!

The couple purchased their winning ticket at K&G Liquor, which is located at 11146 Hesperia Road in Hesperia (San Bernardino County). The retailer also wins! They receive just over $5,000 as a bonus for selling the lucky ticket!

Judith admits the whole thing is still unbelievable. “It’s like a miracle because we’re the only ones in the whole country that got those five numbers. It’s so exciting. I mean, we’re going to be living the same lives, just donating some money to people and animals!” George has plans of his own. He is going to help start college funds for his grandchildren.

Powerball is a multistate game played in California (and 42 other states, plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands). Draw times are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:59 p.m. PST. Tickets are $2 and can be purchased from any of the more than 21,000 California Lottery retailers. Please visit the California Lottery’s Powerball site for more information on how to play.

The mission of the California Lottery is to provide supplemental funding to California schools while simultaneously supporting local communities. More than 95 cents of every dollar spent by our players goes back to local communities in the form of contributions to public schools and colleges, prizes and retail compensation. The California Lottery urges its customers to play responsibly and within their budgets. If you feel you have a gambling problem, or know someone who does, you can get help at 1-800-GAMBLER.

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