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November 29, 2013

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November, 2013 | Winners Stories | Southern California

Woman Pretending She Never Won $1 Million on Diamond Millionaire Scratchers® Sold in LA County


SACRAMENTO – “Because I like diamonds,” is why Lindsay Sharbutt says she’s been playing the California Lottery’s Diamond Millionaire Scratchers. She likes the game even more, now that she won the game’s top prize -- $1 million! But, don’t look for this winner to strut around dripping in diamonds or any other gem. That’s because Sharbutt says she hopes to act as if this never happened.

It’s not as if Sharbutt didn’t want to win. In fact, she was thrilled when she scratched her ticket and mistakenly believed she had scored one thousand dollars. Sharbutt says her immediate reaction to that was, “Oh my gosh! I get to pay off my credit card!” The thrill intensified when the store clerk explained Sharbutt had actually won a cool million!

“I immediately thought, I want to call my mom,” Sharbutt said, and that’s exactly what she did. Now, the state’s newest millionaire is laying out her game plan for what she wants to do with her newfound wealth.

“I automatically started looking for cars,” Sharbutt said, further explaining why her luxury spree may not extend much beyond that. “I’m gonna pretend I won $100,000 and put the rest away in investments.”

Sharbutt purchased her Diamond Millionaire Scratchers at Smoke 4 Less, which is located at 31870 Castaic Road in Castaic (Los Angeles County). The Lottery retailer will receive a bonus of $5,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Like so many other Lottery players, Sharbutt was always mesmerized by the stories she read about Lottery winners. “I thought it was super easy for them,” Sharbutt said, now openly admitting to a little reality check. “Now I realize it’s kinda stressful.” Sharbutt hopes that by keeping things real her winnings may last a lifetime. “I’m going to give myself a budget,” Sharbutt said. “That way I have it forever.”

The Diamond Millionaire Scratchers is part of the Lottery’s continued effort to give out more prizes, create more winners and earn more money for education. For more information on the game and how to play, click here. Also, like all Lottery Scratchers games, the Diamond Millionaire game comes with second chances to win the top prizes. Just subscribe to our 2nd Chance Program and submit any non-winning Diamond Millionaire Scratchers ticket code for a chance to win.

The mission of the California Lottery is to provide supplemental funding to California schools while simultaneously supporting local communities. More than 96 cents of every dollar spent by our players goes back to local communities in the form of contributions to public schools and colleges, prizes and retail compensation. The California Lottery urges its customers to play responsibly and within their budgets. If you feel you have a gambling problem, or know someone who does, you can get help at 1-800-GAMBLER.

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